Standard Features of our Log Work Only Package

Yes, we are green!
From our non toxic wood finishes and emission free Cedar boards to our Lambs wool insulation, we promote an ecological housing alternative – “natural homes for natural living”.

See some of our house plans

  1. We are specialists in Western Red Cedar Homes but we also offer Engleman Spruce and second growth premium Douglas Fir. Minimum top diameter of 11 inches (28 cm) mid wall average of 14~15 inches (35 cm) with a maximum butt size of 15~18 inches (38~46 cm).
  2. All logs are hand peeled then treated with a non toxic wood finish and expertly scribe fit to produce a tight weather seal.
  3. Your home is first erected on our site allowing the majority of settling to take place before final assembly on your property.
  4. Door and window openings will be cut  and sculpted according to our no-maintenance header system. Our pre-cut door and window splines and Cedar trim boards are optional.
  5. Electrical base and wall outlets will be drilled and boxes cut and sanded ready for your electrician. Seismic through bolt holes are standard features but the inclusion of the bolts are optional.
  6. Consultation with your architect or engineer is standard. Our in-house international drafting services are available as an option.