Please read on to meet some of our customers…

After meeting Duncan and expressing my ideas with the log features to my home, I was immediately taken in with his confidence and experience. He suggested the “Board on Batton” look for my home. I looked at some photos of his past “B on B” projects and was sold.

His crew was polite and first class. Their workmanship was second to none. Everyday my wife and I go outside and admire our beautiful home. They did what they said they would and more. I highly recommend Duncan and his posse to anyone.

Feel free to call me for a reference at 1-250-766-2462.
— Mike Holmes (not the TV guy)

“Duncan and Collin. We LOVE the cabin, it is beautiful in every way. If either of you get back to Tucson, you’re always welcome. There will be a bed and something to eat. Thanks for your part.
— Margie, Dean, Tony and Mary, Tucson AZ USA

“Duncan, we are totally satisfied with the quality & service. Thank you very much. Charlie wants to talk to you about doing his garage in logs next to the house. It will be a while as we want to finish the house first. Everyone who has come by our home is very impressed.”
— Jeanne and Charley Bacon, Running Springs CA USA

“Ca. 3 Jahre haben wir uns nach Rundstammhäusern erkundigt. Wir gerieten dabei an diverse Firmen aus USA, Kanada und auch Deutschland. Als wir uns bei Traditional Log Homes erkundigten, kam kurze Zeit später eineNachricht von Herrn Morris, das er bald in Deutschland ist, um dort ein Haus aufzubauen. Wir haben uns dort mit ihm getroffen. Gleich war ein persönlicher und herzlicher Kontakt hergestellt. Kurze Zeit später sind wir nach Kanada geflogen. Wir haben uns dort dieverse Häuser angeschaut und sind zu dem Ergebnis gekommen, das die Häuser von Traditional die besten sind.

“Man kann erkennen, das die Liebe zum Baustoff Holz überall mit eingearbeitet wird. Die Qualität ist ohne Zweifel.

“Im Spätsommer 2001 wurde unser Haus geliefert.Die Betreung durch die Firma Traditional und dem Ingeneurbüro Föhlisch in Deutschland war vorbildlich. Der eigentliche Aufbau des Hauses erfolgte mit nur 5 Personen und einem Kran in nur 6,5 Stunden.

“Danke Traditional Log Home. Das nächste Haus werden wir wieder bei Euch bestellen.”
— Susanne Flügge, Torsten & Liliana Herrlich

“We are a German civil engineer and architectural office, specializing in coordinating log home projects for our German clients. For the last three years, we have worked together with Duncan Morris and his company Traditional Log Homes Ltd. to build seven log homes here in Germany. We like the combination of handcraftmanship and artistry, and the high quality of log construction. All our clients are very proud to own now a Western Red Cedar log home from Traditional Log Homes in Canada.

“After comparing different companies and visits in Canada, we know now, service, high quality, fair price and familiar working-atmosphere convince everyone. At the moment, we are planning together further projects in Germany and Austria: small houses, holiday park-cottages and bigger office buildings. It is nice to know that Traditional Log Homes has a lot of experience with any kind of log construction, wonderful staircases and railings. We like the fast service of Traditional Log Homes and the very good shipping/timing. All houses arrived here in Germany in the right days.

Special thanks to Duncan Morris, his family and his team for being patient with our German clients and their “special wishes”. And for giving them always the feeling that they are customer (V.I.P.) number one.”
— Eric Föhlisch, Ingenieurbüro Föhlisch, Eppstein, Germany

Mr. Atsuyuki Imakura President of LHC Homes Nagoya Japan | website |

“It is very hard to take the first step when planning to build a dream log house and select a kit maker and constructor. You usually worry about the builder’s conviction on reliability, quality and responsibility. There is also a very high risk in the decision to use an over seas kit maker.

“I have worked as a planner, importer and construction supervisor of log homes for about 13 years and have worked extensively with Traditional Log Homes Ltd. over that period for several reasons.

“First of all, I have considerable experience in working with people overseas and I have perfect confidence in Mr. Duncan Morris and his wife Vivian.

“Secondly, the quality of the kit depends upon the quality of the logs used and log species. Traditional Log Homes uses November cut premium quality Western Red Cedar, Spruce and Douglas Fir.

“The third being the technique of their logwork is excellent. I have introduced their log house kits for many Japanese clients without anxiety about quality, function or stability”.

“After such an eventful year, it really feels like its been a time to reflect on, and be thankful for what we have. …Vicki and I just want to say thanks for making this the crown jewel of small cabins.”
— Dave and Vicki Eisernman, Oak Bay WA USA

“Just a short note to thank you and your team for building us a great log cabin, on time as well as exceeding our expectations of the finished look. I can’t wait to finish the balance of the work, so it will be ready for this summer. Look forward to doing further business with you on our next log home.”
— Scott Hagen, Cedarglen Homes, Calgary AB Canada

“We are very satisfied with your work. We compared a lot of different log homes in our area. We are also satisfied with the log quality. You are not only our loghome builder, you are also a friend. We would do this the same way if we want to build a loghome again — you did not promise something which wasn’t reality later.

“A very special thing is the link between Germany and Canada is Eric Föhlisch. He was the man who brought us everything so close. He is a really top notch concerning planning a loghome. He and you together are the number one team.”
— Claudia and Wolfgang Stasch-Romig, Forchtenberg Germany